Best VPN for torrents

There are many reasons to use VPN for torrenting. People worldwide prefer to download torrents with help of the cutting-edge software because of some local limitations or for the purpose to increase a speed of processes they run. Moreover, VPN guarantees your device protection anywhere you try to start torrenting — both at home or on the pocket screen in places of public resort with free Wi-Fi.

Additionally, using qualitative and reliable VPN gives opportunity to get a rather big cloud storage for files that also will be safe for all intents and purposes. But all these advantages are possible only if your Virtual Private Network is a good one and affords different online facilities. Let’s hunt down a question of VPN choice together and consider all options available.

You will be able to select the best one for your beginnings — regardless of whether it is safe downloading only or simplification of forbidden program entry. Maybe you are searching a high rated software which will become all-in-one. The VPN meaning everybody handles in different way, with various interpretations. So each user should decide himself what is the best variant for torrents he is trying to find.

Here is a list of the most functional paid and free-of-charge VPN programs EDC — some offers perform 1-week or 1-month free trials, another ones are cheap in routine usage. But all presented variants in our bead-roll are safe and well-trusted programs only. Select the most suitable VPN for yourself for your own criteria.

Best free VPN for torrenting

We are going to take a look at multi-purpose offers for different devices in order you will be possible to choose the optimal one that will meet all your requirements at a time. Here are five leading VPN with high ratings and full set of functions for torrenting you need:

  • ExpressVPN — one of the most respectful program nowadays. The key feature of VPN is the high-level security anywhere you are. More than 145 servers are available and there are no logs limitations. Additionally, ExpressVPN provides users with unlimited servers switches. All downloading processes will be protected for sure. Most consumers are searching right this variant — fast operational speed, high-grade safety level and cheap service. A free version in a trial run is available.
  • IPVanish — this software is meant as the program for multi-platform security. Any client is able to install this application not only on wide-spread devices as MacBook, IPhone, Android, Windows computers, but get the protection on their Windows pocket screens and Ubuntu PC. And the key feature for torrent lovers — IPVanish provides all netizens with total anonymity. So anonymous torrenting and technical support round the clock is guaranteed. This software does not stipulate for a trial, but monthly and annual prices are rather cheap.
  • NordVPN — the optimal variant for active Internet surfers. No limits ever: zero-logs policy, protected downloading, the extra ability of anonymous researches and testing for IT-specialists. You are able to hide your IP address and continue your operations on any site you wish. NordVPN obtains the safest payments including cryptocurrency ones. VPN has free demo version that is comfortable for doubtful ones.
  • SurfShark — the APP that is suitable for wide row of platforms. More than 500 servers are accessible. Each user could count on zero-logs policy and anonymous torrenting everywhere. There is the live chart and P2P supports with unlimited parallel connections worldwide. SurfShark has no free version but the price for VPN vast functionality is low — only 2 dollars per month.
  • PrivateVPN — is the reliable VPN provider for netizens. It has more than 100 servers and provides Net surfers with more than 60 locations. PrivateVPN makes possible to unlock restricted websites and speed up torrenting and browsing operations. The application is notable with its strong performance and easy usage. One-month free trial is also available.

All performed offers will be helpful for different online purposes both for newcomers and experienced Interned surfers. These VPN applications are considered as the most secured ones and due to their ranges of capabilities are in TOP-lists for a long time. Try one of them and feel the maximal comfort you could get from Internet space.