How to set up and use VPN for iPhone and iPad

You can’t be sure that you have the best protection once connecting your iOS device to the worldwide web. Each time you download, open and launch files distributed online, you should understand that your privacy is not that good you may think it is. If you need the highest privacy, try virtual private network services — VPN.

There are many VPN services that work for iOS devices and provide you with easy setup and acceptable security level. Moreover, new ones appear from time to time, and so it may be a challenging task to choose the greatest app. Let us introduce you to the application that is well-known, stable, trustworthy and has nice client support. It is called ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN is a huge service that offers about 148 geographical locations and 94 countries to choose from. No matter which points on the map you will select, the speed is fantastic. Moreover, it is good for streaming, so you can finally get access to Hulu or Netflix TV shows while you are not in the USA.

The app is easy-to-use, you may adjust a few options before you go and then activate your VPN with a single tap. Among adjustable settings is reconnecting to the proxy server once your physical device has dropped the connection. In addition, you can set up a PPTP protocol if you are using iOS 9 or earlier versions.

The only thing that ExpressVPN lacks is the so-called kill-switch option that closes apps after disconnecting from the VPN. Still, other powers are pretty good.

One-month price is $12.95 but it’ll be cheaper if you select a one-year subscription

Is there any free VPN for iPhone?

Not ready to pay for secured connection? No problem, download and adjust some free services. You won’t get an unlimited power in this case but it may be enough. So, which one to choose?

  • Betternet: lightweight and easy-to-adjust application that allows you to choose from eight American cities as your new location. The speed is OK but if you need more, go for the premium version.
  • Hotspot Shield: another one service to connect from the USA. It has limited settings that is why you won’t get any troubles while setting the connection up. It is compatible with iOS 9 and later, so you can use it for old iPhone models like 4s or 6. However, for iPhone 3gs or older models, it’s better to search among old app collections.
  • TunnelBear: smart, simple and powerful. The only limitation — traffic. You can use no more than 500 MB per month if you are not going to pay for the subscription.

Choosing a VPN for iPad

Most VPN services for iOS are compatible with iPad Air or Mini, so just go for the same one you use for your iPhone. For the easiest proxy setup, choose ExpressVPN, for the fastest speed go for IPVanish. If you do not need too much traffic and 250 MB will be enough, try SurfEasy — it’s completely free to use.

An installation process won’t take long, just download the chosen application from the store and type your password code before you install it.

Manual VPN configurations for iPhone

Even if your device is not jailbroken and no VPN application is installed, there is still an option to get all its advantages and create connection in Settings without third-party software. If you stand for minimizing the quantity of installed apps, it’s the best option. What used for such an operation? Almost nothing but a bit of your time. Ready? Then follow this manual below.

How to adjust the fastest VPN connection on your iPhone?

  1. Open Settings, go to General.
  2. “VPN” and then “Add VPN Configuration” are the necessary items.
  3. Choose connect type, add VPN server address.
  4. Type your personal login and password.
  5. Tap Done to save changes.

That’s it! Now enable VPN by switching the Status toggle in Settings. However, stable server is required — and it might be a problem. If you need to connect to your office environment, for instance, it is a big deal and should be solved by system administrators. If you are seeking for some free proxy around the web, it may be a bigger challenge.